Sara Bareilles - Chandelier (Cover)

Chandelier (Cover)

Sara Bareilles

Little Black Dress Tour


Dear god this is everything.

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To stop supporting Israeli occupation and the repeated genocidal massacres against the Palestinian people, there are two boycott campaigns you should join in the app:

  • Long Live Palestine - Boycott Israel (International brands which actively support the Israeli occupation and Israeli military)
  • Avoid Israeli Settlement Products (Products manufactured in Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. These settlements are considered illegal under international law, and they support Israeli military occupation)

I live under Israeli occupation and I am still able to buy from brands that don’t support it. So if you live elsewhere, you have no excuse.

The app includes many other campaigns including boycotting products by Nestle, Unilever and Coca Cola, which contribute to human rights violations around the world. You can choose whichever campaigns you wish to join or create your own campaign.

If you don’t want to use the app for some reason, then at least check the barcode number. Any number that starts with 729 is made in Israel. Although many Israeli products don’t start with 729. But you’ll be able to screen the majority of them.

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friend who lives hundreds of miles away:"i made food "

me:"can i have some"

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hey guys! I’m having car problems (specifically, rotors which some mechanics scammed me on last year), groceries, and bills. I’m out of work right now because my restaurant is in the middle of moving locations. I’m broke right now but i’m selling personal playlists!!

I’m asking $5 for people in the United States and $7 for friends outside the United States because of shipping. There’s a donate button on the homepage of my blog :~)

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Idk if anyone cares or not but I found this great website that lists over 5000 historical novels by time and place 

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“A good relationship is when two people accept each other’s past, support each other’s present, and love each other enough to encourage each other’s future. So don’t rush love. Find a partner who encourages you to grow, who won’t cling to you, who will let you go out into the world, and trust that you will come back. This is what true love is all about.”
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A troubled cure for a troubled mind.

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I wish to dispel the notion that women are “more emotional.” I don’t think we are. I think that the emotions women stereotypically express are what men call “emotions,” and the emotions that men typically express are somehow considered by men to be something else.

This is incorrect. Anger? EMOTION. Hate? EMOTION. Resorting to violence? EMOTIONAL OUTBURST. An irrational need to be correct when all the evidence is against you? Pretty sure that’s an emotion. Resorting to shouting really loudly when you don’t like the other person’s point of view? That’s called “being too emotional to engage in a rational discussion.”

Not only do I think men are at least as emotional as women, I think that these stereotypically male emotions are more damaging to rational dialogue than are stereotypically female emotions. A hurt, crying person can still listen, think, and speak. A shouting, angry person? That person is crapping all over meaningful discourse.


Summertime (1955) barbarastanwyck:

Summertime (1955)


    Summertime (1955)

    baby dog gots a haircut! 🐶👌 #daisygram

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