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The only musician I’ve seen live is Paul McCartney.

(unless you also file Steve Martin as a musician, too)

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I love to take photographs in cemeteries. The lighting is always perfect and there’s just something so interesting about it all. I like to think of the stories and lives attached to the people’s names on the headstones, about their families, what their favorite food may have been, what their career was, etc. Historical cemeteries will always be my most favorite ones to visit and photograph.

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I have the same birthday as Cecil Beaton, Jason Bateman, and Faye Dunaway (among a few other celebs, idk man~ hella popular day, I guess).

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I am pretty confident with who I am and what I look like, but I sure do have those days where I nitpick everything I dislike about myself. My biggest physical flaws are my nose, forehead, legs, and my skin. Personality wise I’m not patient with stupid/ignorant people (ie; mostly everyone in my town), it takes me awhile to forgive someone if they’ve hurt me/someone I care about, I have problems saving money, I start things and it takes me awhile to finish them if I lose interest/inspiration (I mostly mean pieces of art I’m working on, books I’m reading, stuff like that), oh and if you say something homophobic or make fun of people with disabilities or special needs I will give you an ear full without thinking about it (cussing is included, free —  no S+H needed!!!!).

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I tend to be just as messy as I am organized. It’s weird, because I am only organized/obsessive with certain things (like my blog, lol). My closet is almost always color-coded, my vinyl records, DVDs, and books are organized in a way that makes sense to me, my cameras have their specific place in my room, etc… but with the rest of my clothes and stuff I tend to not care as much/pay attention about ‘em as much. For example, when I get changed at night into PJs or whatever, I am okay with leaving my clothes on the floor, even though my hamper is only two feet away. When I am doing art work (painting, mixed media stuff, etc.) — I make a huge mess. I love working on the floor, so I scatter everything imaginable around me and sometimes it’ll stay like that for a few days depending on how long the piece takes me to make.

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I could literally spend a whole day in an antique store. Especially if there are a lot of old photographs, books, magazines, and records to fish through. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

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When I sleep I tend to be a blanket hog — I wrap the blanket around my legs (so it sort of makes a pillow between my knees), and I like to sleep with one foot sticking out [of the blanket].

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I love when people text me or message me when they see/hear something that reminds them of me. Even if it’s the most ridiculous thing, it makes me smile.

Meredith just texted me to tell me “Dana Delany” was one of the answers in her crossword puzzle and thought of me. :3

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I have this fear of forgetting what someone’s voice sounds like.

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My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is an egg sandwich on a wheat croissant (drizzled with olive oil) and with melted cheese all over the egg.

Though, sometimes I really crave hash browns with a poached egg over them (with the yolk all runny and delicious).


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